Guide to Going Gazi

Magical Mojito
Gazi: Athens party central. If you're in Athens and you're under 25, your social status relies on having a drink in Gazi. Or two. Or...three--but no more than three because public drunkenness isn't exactly encouraged. The night starts with taking a taxi to the area called Gazi at no earlier than 1:00 a.m. Then, you are faced with at least 50 different places. Bars are stacked on top of bars on top of clubs which are beside other bars. It's a zoo. After being faced with so many options, you must overpower your indecisive nature and pick a place. Then, the bouncers give you an up/down scan and decide if you're worthy to be served. If you pass the test, you're seated at a tiny table nearly touching shoulders with other people nearby. Cozy. Fortunately, no one in Greece smokes. Wishful thinking? Yes. Everyone smokes.
    So, you've taken a cab, picked a place, and you're finally at a table. Time check? 2:30 a.m. Good. People are starting to arrive. So, while the dance floor starts to fill, order a drink and scope out the territory. Perhaps try not to roll into a club with six other girls because you make yourself a moving target for all masculine presence in the area. Try to make eye contact, but don't encourage. To avoid unwanted attention, focus on the menu. But, try not to panic. 10-15 euro for a drink is completely normal. Order the drink you want. Live a little. After 45 minutes, your drink will arrive. Savor it. I suggest a mojito from a club called Soho. Delectable. 
    Once you slurp the last drop of your refreshing beverage, pay the waitress; yet, don't overtip. Also, don't undertip--she'll give you a look which translates to "I'm currently calling on the powers of all the Greek gods to eternally annihilate your soul". Once the happy server seems satisfied with her pay, grab your gear, and hit the dance floor. Keep in mind that it's best not to breathe. The smoke, the bodies, the drinks--all make an aroma causing serious lightheadedness and mild fatigue. Dance and enjoy the crazy music and piercing looks from those dwelling in the strobe lights, then take your leave. It's best not to keep track of time because at that point the clock's pushing 4:00 a.m. Gather up your friends, hail a cab, give directions, get home, sleep. However, don't expect a lot of it. If you're lucky, a lady with an electric piano singing the same song over and over again will serenade you outside of your window every morning too.

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