Chaos and Anticipation

My room is a disaster. Clothes, camera gear, shoes, and all other travel garb blanket my floor. I intended to be more organized. More prepared. After a year of waiting, the time has come. In four days, I'm moving to Greece. Thus, attempting to pack a suitcase full of a semester's worth of clothes and other items necessary for living proves more difficult than originally expected. Yet the approaching day of boarding a plane Athens-bound makes the frustrations of packing obsolete.

Though packing causes me distress, the goodbyes I have to make weigh heavily on my chest. Friends, family, boyfriend, cats, comfort zone--how do I pack up and leave everyone I love and everything I'm used to? A country girl like me doesn't belong in a big city like Athens. Nonetheless, once I adjust to the change, I probably won't want to leave. It's the getting there and remaining sane for the first month which will prove to be my biggest test. I will get homesick, but I'm sure the wonder and beauty of Greece will be enough to distract me. Four days.  Athens. Panic.

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