A Dose of Greek Philosophy for a Rainy Day

Just a hint of some Greek philosophy from the 1st century CE as a reminder of how important it is to think critically, develop your own inner dialogue, and question and challenge what you read and hear. 

Diogenes encounters a distressed pilgrim who has lost his slave on the road to Delphi, and he begins to challenge the value of his expedition: 

"Have you heard the inscription at Delphi, 'Know Thyself'? Would you agree that the god gives this command to us all in the certainty that we do not know ourselves? And not knowing yourself, you do not know Man. And not knowing Man, you are surely unable to make good use of a man. Yet despite this, you are going off to attempt to make good use of a god! Don't you see that this is a far more difficult enterprise? If you want my advice, first know yourself. If and when you find that much wisdom, you'll be free to consult the oracle at your good pleasure."

From Dio Chrysostom, 1st century CE, 'Dio the Golden-Mouthed'

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